How to enable journalist inquiry alerts

As a subject-matter expert (SME), print/online and broadcast journalists need your help. They will quote you and your company. You will get great publicity and SEO as a result.

Please refer to our video training for How to Hack HARO for more ideas on best ways of working with these journalists who are on deadlines.


With your Advanced and Professional-level upendPR membership, we're going to start sending journalist inquiries to your inbox and within the PR manager interface IMMEDIATELY! You will get alerts HOURS before anyone else on the free-level HARO will see them.


The SME who WINS is:

1. First. (When we send you alerts, JUMP on it. We promise this will be worth your effort!)

2. Credible (make sure your digital rep, website & social media look good)

3. Answered the inquiry correctly. Please refer to the HARO training for more on this.


Here's how to activate your inquiry alerts:


  1. Create a ticket so we can set your alerts up.

  2. Please give us about 5-10 keywords related to your fields of expertise. These are words that you would like to monitor journalist inquiries for. Try a few specific ones and a few general ones. You can always request changes if you aren't getting the inquiries you like - or not enough. Just update this ticket.

  3. In the ticket, let us know what email address you want the alerts sent to. We will set a filter to allow your keyword alert emails to be sent to you.

  4. We will set the alerts through our agency-level tools. You should start seeing alerts within 2-3 days. Some subjects are more sought after than others - so be patient if your industry isn't getting as many inquiries at the moment.

  5. IMPORTANT! When you get this email, click the confirmation link so we can forward your alerts!


Have your media inquiries automatically generate a ticket in your PR manager - so we can help you.


You need to set a filter in your email. This is very easy with programs like gmail.

  1. Add a forwarding address: [email protected] Do this in settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Approval on our end may take up to 48 hours.

  2. Click the down arrow in the upper-right hand corner of any message from [email protected] and say, "Filter messages like this."

  3. Set a filter that any message from [email protected] needs to be forwarded to [email protected]

  4. This will create a ticket in the PR manager in your account. This will allow upendPR staff access to the media request - and provide guidance any time you need.
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